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Texas Solar Fact Sheet: What To Expect in 2023?

Texas Solar Fact Sheet: What To Expect in 2023? Solar Hub Store

Texas Solar Fact Sheet: What To Expect in 2023

According to a recent solar study by the Solar Energy Industries Association, the state of Texas may be the leading state in solar growth in terms of Megawatt projection in the next five years. Below are some vital statistics:

Solar Installed (MW):


National Ranking:

2nd (1st in 2021)

Enough Solar Installed to Power:

1,855,828 homes

Percentage of State's Electricity from Solar:


Solar Jobs in 2021:


Solar Companies in State:

614 (96 Manufacturers, 160 Installers/Developers, 358 Others)

Total Solar Investment in State:

$19.1 billion

Prices have fallen

52% over the last 10 years

Growth Projection and Ranking:

36,092 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 1st)

Number Of Installations:



 More Homeowners in Texas will adopt solar as their main energy source 

More and more Texans embraced the solar culture and publicly share their satisfaction with going solar. These solar ambassadors will convert more solar adapters in Texas and make Texas rank the no.1 state in the US for Solar. In 2022, a study shows that Texas saved more than US$7 Billion from Solar and Wind energy combined, a source of study from Ideasmiths published by Dallas News.

 More stability in solar pricing as the volume on demand increases 

While many Texans and nearby states like Oklahoma and Arkansas grow their interest in going solar, the volume of demand will further stabilize solar pricing, which in turn further increases the number of homeowners from the said states to shift to sun-power energy sources. With this growing trend comes an increase in small-scale solar installers offering their services to homeowners. The previous report shows that the majority of bad solar experience and reviews mostly comes from DIY installations or homeowners who took risks with inexperienced solar companies thinking that they can save money from them. Watch this 3 Biggest Regrets After 6 Years of solar and the number reason he mentioned is trusting a new solar company that ends up closing down after a while. To contact one of the most trusted and reputable solar companies in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, you may call +19403144178 or visit Renewables Hub Contact Page to get in touch with their highly professional and experienced staff who are always ready to help homeowners with their custom solar requirements.


 New and state-of-the-art solar accessories to support upgrades for a better solar experience 

Like other consumables or gadgets, solar manufacturers are continuously researching and producing the latest solar technology to address consumers' innovative requirements. If you are a solar DIY enthusiast or your solar solutions was installed more than 3 years ago and you need some latest update to your system, numerous E-commerce sites exclusively focused on solar technology and updates. The most famous one in Texas is Solar Hub Store, an E-commerce site trusted by early solar adopters for their upgrade and DIY requirements.

Let's face it, Solar is the next frontier in our home improvements. And because of compelling reasons why going solar is the most logical move to reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bill, while doing your part to save the planet, and the available financial and government support to help new solar adopters to embrace solar without cash out and at a super lower cost, now is the best time to Go Solar. For a FREE consultation and quote, visit 

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