String Inverters vs. Microinverters: Solaredge vs. Hoymiles Comparative Analysis

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The solar industry offers two main inverter technologies: string inverters and microinverters. Choosing the right one for your home solar system can significantly impact performance and future needs. This article dives into the battle between two leading inverter brands: Solaredge (string inverters) and Hoymiles (microinverters).


Technology: String inverters convert the DC electricity from all your solar panels into AC electricity for your home and the grid.

Pros: Established brand, proven reliability, good for large, unshaded systems, potentially lower upfront cost.

Cons: Performance loss if one panel underperforms (shading, damage), limited monitoring on individual panels, potential single point of failure.


Technology: Microinverters attach to each solar panel, converting DC to AC directly at the source.

Pros: Maximum power production from each panel (ideal for shaded areas), detailed panel-level monitoring, more flexible system design.

Cons: Potentially higher upfront cost, less common brand (may impact future service), may require more complex installation.

Choosing Between Solaredge and Hoymiles:

Budget: Solaredge may be initially cheaper, but Hoymiles can maximize long-term energy production.

Roof Shading: Hoymiles is superior for unevenly shaded roofs.

Monitoring Needs: Both offer monitoring, but Hoymiles provides detailed individual panel data.

Future Expansion: Hoymiles offers more flexibility for adding panels later.


There's no single "best" inverter brand. Solaredge shines for larger, unshaded systems, while Hoymiles excels in shaded areas and offers detailed monitoring. Consider your budget, roof layout, and future plans to make an informed decision.

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